Four things you need to know about going to Disneyland Paris

People have been going to Disneyland Paris for 24 years, so it would be very daft of me to start this travel blog with an extensive review of the parks. Instead, I am going to give you the top tips that I would have liked to know when I booked and arrived.
Top tips:

1. Stay at the Hipark Serris Val D’Europe hotel.

We booked a family room through I love a good bed. Non family rooms have a sofa bed, rather than a double or twin, and luckily we spotted this before booking. The twin was comfortable, and admittedly, I am thankful that we made that choice. After spending nine-odd hours trekking around Disney, the bed was delightful.

Speaking of treks, the journey to the park was easier than the trip from my house to the local bank! It’s a 15 minute walk (at a decent pace) down three roads, or if you find walking challenging, Pep runs a free shuttle bus from directly outside the hotel.

2. Try to go during the early spring.

Arriving at around 4pm on Friday 17th February, we found the park fairly empty. We were able to get on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Big Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones in less than 45 minutes, and arriving at 10am on the weekend allowed us to get on Tower of Terror with a 45 minute wait. Saturday was especially busy due to a dance competition and a basketball tournament, so keep an eye on events. I’m sure it was still less busy than a summer day. Luck was on our side with weather: it was gloriously sunny and 10c, which probably did me a massive favour as I spent the whole weekend with a fairly nasty cold.

3. Get photos as soon as you can.

We only managed to get on the big rides once. As someone who isn’t very good on rides, I managed to ruin two photos by curling up like a hedgehog, so when we managed to get a good photo on Big Thunder Mountain, we bought it straight away. It turns out they can crop the image so that it focuses on you, and as the image is in high definition, the zoom doesn’t distort it! 17 euros might be a bit of a push, but if you can get one good picture it is worth it. Disneyland also offers a digital photo box thing that we didn’t take advantage of but would probably be worth it if you want to have pictures with characters. My saving grace was my make up bag, and the ability to hide pasty sick skin and big, blue under eye bags! Without that, I would have had a collection of awful photos from the happiest place in Europe.

4. Feeding time at the zoo.

In general, the food is slightly disappointing. We ended up spending 12 to 14 euros on a meal deal which is not far off McDonald’s’ standard, however you do get a dessert. I would suggest going to the village for food instead. The Earl of Sandwich does amazing hot sandwiches and cold wraps (with desserts) and if you want to eat at Planet Hollywood and The Rainforest Cafe, go before 7pm. We walked in at around 6.40 and by the time we left at 8, the queue was out the door.

With queues and waiting in mind, get to a perfect spot for the parade and Dreams at least 45 minutes early. Kids go on shoulders, balloons fly all over the place and people start filming so camera phones block your view. At least one of you can shoot off and get some drinks or sweets, and you’ve likely been waiting all day for things, so what is one more wait?

Aside from constant sneezing and aching joints, I think we had a pretty lucky run. I had a fantastic time.

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    • I went to Disney World when I was 11, but we didn’t go to Universal Studios. I’m waiting to have my own children before I return to Florida, but I’ll definitely go to Universal next time. Anywhere but Sea World – I don’t do captive orcas!


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