Why exploring should be your 2018 new year’s resolution.

New year; new me. I bet you would have to start counting toes if I asked how many times you’ve seen something like that on your timeline. I almost Tweeted the same, before I started to think about what I really wanted for 2018.

Yes, like everyone, I want to lose a bit of weight. Yes, like everyone, I want to save some money. Yes, like everyone, I want to feel a bit less stressed this year. But this time next year, am I going to be reflecting on the year, praising myself for those three months I was under 10 stone? Am I going to be smiling about the time I put an extra £50 into my savings account? No. Like today, I reckon that this time next year, I’ll be thinking about all the things I did: the places I visited and the experiences I had.

Clearly, travelling even more is the most important part of my goals this year and if you don’t travel often, this is the year to change that.  Plus, there are all sorts of reasons travel is good for you:

It can boost happiness

It can beat anxiety

It can benefit your career

It can make you more creative

As this whole blog establishes, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. I can’t simply up and leave my full time job to plod around Peru, Tanzania and Cambodia. I don’t spend weeks on end travelling, but what I do is set aside days, weekends and the occasional week to explore places that I find interesting.

I love discovering new places – not new to the world but new to me. I love spending time with Dan (top secret, we never argue on holiday). I love the chance to take photos of things. I love staying in hotels, drinking their tea, using their showers, having someone cook breakfast for me. I love seeing new landscapes. I love exploring attractions and heritage sites.

I started exploring my country and my continent last year, and my new year’s resolution is to see even more. If there is anything I learnt last year, it’s that memories are the most precious thing anyone can have.

Don’t make empty promises this year, make memories. They last a lifetime.

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