When plans change…

This year, our plans for a holiday every six weeks, has been somewhat stamped on by real life and adulthood. Between us, Dan and I are off to four weddings (each costing £100 a pop at least in gifts). Not only are we invited to the weddings, we are close friends of the bride and groom, which means only two things: hen and stag parties! I am invited to two, and he is invited to three. In actual fact, Dan is the best man at one of them, so it’s up to him to plan a party. I’m lucky that in my job, I get a collective 13 weeks off a year – teacher life – but Dan has to book off the odd day here and there to celebrate his friends’ nuptials, which has totally eaten away into his annual holiday.

Now, I love a wedding; I am so excited to see my friend get married to her childhood sweetheart, to be part of the family as Dan’s sister and her partner tie the knot, and to cringe while Dan struggles through a speech he wrote at the last minute (because I know that is what is going to happen). But, I wanted to commit to travelling this year. With the cost of three stags, two hens and four weddings, Dan and I aren’t only time strapped, we’re cash strapped too.

We talked about hiring a camper van and exploring Scotland, or the Jurassic coast. We looked into flying out to Mexico for two weeks, and having a week or so in Slovenia. We considered having a few long weekends to mooch around the UK at a slightly slower pace.

Alas, we now know we won’t be able to spend our year city-hopping the way we had planned.

Instead, I’m focusing on the local area and planning day trips in the south east of England. We’ve already spend a few hours at Hampton Court Palace and Bushy Park, and spent afternoons wandering around Hadleigh Castle, only a couple of miles from home. I’m sure that no matter what we do, we’ll make the most of our time (and remaining cash)!

Until next time…

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