Where You Should Book Your Next London Party!

On Saturday, I enjoyed the first marriage celebration of the year. I mentioned a few posts ago that Dan and I were invited to four weddings (and hopefully no funerals) so last weekend saw the first hen night. Having only been to two hen nights before – one being my aunt’s around 2013 – I’m still unversed in the procedure, however, our planners did an absolutely fantastic job.

The location was settled in London. As it was a single night affair, with most of the guests living in Essex, there was no need to book hotel rooms, saving us all some cash. Instead, we booked a white limo to take us to our first destination: Revolution on Leadenhall Street.


London bar

Clearly, if you want to have full reign over a place, you need to go mid-month, and in February. We 29 party guests effectively had the whole bar to ourselves which made the event much more special. Split into two teams, we were treated to nibbles, an array of exciting shots, and a nuclear blue slushie cocktail. I went straight for the Love Hearts shots, which tasted uncannily like the sweets, but my alliance soon swapped to the Bakewell Tart shots. Also I can’t knock the pretzels we were able to pick at the whole night through.


The staff members looking after us for the evening were Flo and Adam. Dealing with 29 fairly rowdy women could be quite daunting, but Adam was cool, slick and funny, whilst Flo was a quintessential flirty barman. Where Adam was focused on teaching us how to make pretty awesome cocktails, Flo was coordinating party games.  The first cocktail we made was some sort of pink number, where a couple of us were blindfolded and led by our friends. The next, a Pornstar Martini, created while literally hugging each other. Finally, I had to abscond Flo and join Adam for a calmer but nonetheless personal experience.

Dinner was selected in advance and delicious. I ordered a chicken burger, spiced quite strongly with flavours I can’t quite remember, which came with fries, and for dessert, I had the most delicious cheesecake, ever. In hindsight, I should have taken a photo at least, but due to the hours before of drinking anything and everything, I completely forgot!

Once we had spent a few hours in Revolution, I went outside and hailed a London black cab off the street to take me to Sway. On a Saturday night, it was just £10 for five people to travel across London, and we arrived safely in just 15 minutes.


Sway Bar London

Sway Bar, on Great Queens Street, near Holborn station, has numerous rooms, Instagrammable decor and great music. Since it was a hen night, the organisers reserved a table in the cocktail bar, which included a waiting service that was actually invaluable. While there we hopped between the Cocktail Bar and the Club for a few hours, dancing, chatting and completely enjoying ourselves.


It’s a good job we had spent so much time drinking in Revolution, as we were spending £11.50 for two single spirit and mixers, and had mini heart attacks when two doubles and two Tequila shots cost us £31! Girls were walking through the dance floor with trays of Jagerbombs costing £7 each or three for £20. As someone who is more used to hitting bars in Essex that have deals like ‘All vodka mixers cost £2’, I could see myself spending hundreds of pounds, so I only bought two drinks. A more cost effective choice would be to all pitch in to buy a few bottles of wine to share, rather than stick to individual drinks throughout the night.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of Sway, but know that it is probably a bar more suited to people with a bit more money than me. It’s not a location where you are likely to find 40,000 uni students drinking Sourz shots, so if you have the funds for somewhere classier, make your way down.


You don’t always have to spend a fortune on a hen do, or any party for that matter, as long as you have great company. However, to save tears and tantrums, it’s definitely worth doing your research about the locations first. Cheers to the party planners who got this one spot on, and cheers to the staff at Revolution for making us feel special.


Great photo taken by my friend Caroline Insta: @theatre2906

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