Disneyland Paris – One Year On

Last February, Dan and I spent three days in Disneyland Paris at the end of the UK half term. We met at the end of February in 2016, so the trip to Disney somewhat served as an anniversary holiday. I won’t repeat my top tips for going as you can read them here, but what I will do is track some of our best experiences in pictures.


We started by riding the Eurostar.


Dropped our bags off at our hotel and had a look around…


Then made our way to the entrance. On a Friday afternoon in February, there were no lines, so our bags were checked and tickets were bought in no time.

Disneyland Paris

Instead of diving into the main park, we took a slight diversion and decided to go to Walt Disney Studios first.


There we hung out with Rex,


Rex actually responded to something I’d said when we took this picture.

saw some classic sights, and rode some ‘Rocking’ rides,


then watched a pretty darn awesome show!


For a whole hour, you can watch performers demonstrate mind blowing car and motorbike stunts. Disney displays ways that directors coordinate and film high speed car chases, showing off real tricks. I don’t want to give away too much, but you do get treated to seeing Lightning McQueen!

Once we had lapped Walt Disney Studios, we went into the main park and managed to get a ride on some of the bigger attractions: Big Thunder Mountain and the Indiana Jones ride. With only a couple of hours before the park closed, we were more interested in having at least one ride, waiting for 45 minutes in line. It was a good decision. There was not a point in the next two days where the line was shorter than 2 hours, so we were pretty thankful we opted to prioritise the rides over dinner.

IMG-20170220-WA0025 (2)

It was that night that we also managed to nab a front row spot to see the firework display, and I might have felt a little overwhelmed by it. Yes, I had a little cry, but no one saw.



The next day, we flew out of bed and made our way to the main park. For the life of me, I cannot remember what we had for breakfast, but I do know that we made a beeline for Fantasyland. There we wandered through the castle, squealed in delight on the Mad Hatter’s Teacups, and were genuinely horrified by It’s A Small World. Even more so, we felt like big kids, pretending to pull the sword from the stone, or channelling our inner princess.

On Saturday, we managed to get on to the remaining rides we wanted, primarily the Buzz Lightyear ride and The Haunted Mansion, but we also spent nearly an hour waiting in line to get on the Pinocchio ride, which was not worth it at all. However, we did spend the rest of the day prancing around, finding nuggets of entertainment – see below.

After the best part of a day wandering the park, waiting in line, and battling for Fast Passes, we decided to watch the 5pm Parade. We stood on a corner for absolutely hours, shoving other people out the way in a very un-Disneylike style, but it was well worth it.

Dan was particularly excited to see the army toys, while I literally lost all composure when I spotted Mary Poppins on a carousel.

That evening, we decided to hit the Disney Village instead of watching the fireworks again. We munched on BBQ ribs in Planet Hollywood (go straight after the parade. You’ll get a table in no time) we then spent a couple of hours in the Sports Bar watching rugby, before hanging out in Billy Bob’s Saloon, where we watched a band perform some classic country and western songs, with a slight European twist.


I’d been sniffling and sneezing since before we arrived, but by Sunday, I had a full cold. My nose was running, I was icy all the time, and I had a pounding headache, even though I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol the night before. We were evicted from our room at 10am, but were able to leave our bags in the luggage room.

That morning, instead of attempting to hit some more rides (due to my dizzy spells) we simply wandered around and took in the sights for a final time. The best and by far most terrifying way to do this is by getting on the hot air balloon in Disney Village. I’m terrified of heights and falling, but Dan had been talking about it all weekend, so I had to give in.


And so rounded off our weekend in the second most magical place on Earth – after Disney World, Orlando, of course.





Just as a bonus, here is my favourite corner of the whole park. See if you can find it next time you go.


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