30 Minute Chill Skills

Hi lovelies!

This is my first, official post with my new focus. From now on, I’m going to be writing about the Time Strapped element of the blog, rather than the travel side, sharing all the little things we do.

Sometimes – or most times – you have a really busy day, and need to take some time to chill out. Dan and I have totally different ways to relax. We both work full time and sometimes, we only get half an hour to chill before we are busy again, either working, out and about, or doing chores. We know we are not alone, so here are our 30 minute chill skills!

Have a quick shower

Sometimes, after a really busy day, you can’t help but feel greasy and grotty. I know lots of girls prefer a bath (I definitely do) but sometimes you simply don’t have the time. On a normal day, Dan will spend a whole half hour in the shower, and I think it’s more about getting some personal, quiet time than actually washing. But there’s truly no better way to relax your muscles than to have a hot shower, plus you come out feeling refreshed and squeaky clean.

Watch an episode of a sitcom or reality TV

Dan’s go-to is seems to always be Impractical Jokers, whereas I tend to sway more towards Say Yes To The Dress. When relaxing, you need to be able to switch off and not have to think too hard about what you are watching. A murder documentary might be a bit too taxing on the brain, but an episode of The Big Bang Theory is in a sweet, bite size chunk.

Catch a quick bit of shut eye

There are all sorts of tips for the perfect nap, but science suggests somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes is the best length time. That means you can slip in a well timed nap to your busy schedule and hopefully feel refreshed and motivated afterwards. I’m useless when it comes to napping, but my dad was a pro. At bang on 3pm, he would fall asleep anywhere and I’ve always envied him for it!

Go for a walk

Sometimes, fresh air is best. Even a walk down the street allows you to get away from the rough stuff going on throughout the day. Most of us have some sort of shop nearby, so there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick ramble through your local area, taking in the sights and sounds, and treating yourself to a little something.


Ironically, exercise is a fantastic way to wind down. It releases a plethora of hormones that surge through your body, cheering you up and chilling you out. Dan is totally a runner, and besides the fact he is training for a marathon, he gets a real kick out of going out for a run. Me, on the other hand, I’m useless. Instead, I like to do a 20 minute HIIT work out or yoga routine. Joe Wicks has some great routines on his Youtube channel and there is a great App called Daily Yoga that I’ve been using for a few years.


Have you got any other ways you like to relax in 30 minutes or less? Any top tips that you would like to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

Until next time 🙂

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