Message by Georgia – author and editor of Time Strapped Travellers

In January 2017, I decided to travel more, but found my biggest issue was time. All the travellers and bloggers I followed on social media had given up their 9-5 jobs and explored for a living. As full time workers, now with a house to pay for, Dan and I don’t have the time or money to be jet-setters!

I realised that it’s not just me who loves to explore new places, but doesn’t have the time, therefore Time Strapped Travellers was born. At every opportunity we get, Dan and I are off wandering around the UK cities and countryside, trying to pack in as many experiences as possible for the cheapest price.

Hopefully, at least something on this blog will give you some inspiration, or help you in your travels of the UK.

While I do most of the trip planning, and write all the articles, Dan is my cameraman, nailing the shots I use on the site (and on the @timestrappedtravellers Instagram account).


(Almost all photos posted on this blog were taken by Daniel Clark: @one_man_and_his_camera)