Message by Georgia – author and editor of Time Strapped Travellers

In January 2017, I decided to travel more, but found my biggest issue was time. All the travellers and bloggers I followed on social media had given up their 9-5 jobs and explored for a living. As full time workers, now with a house to pay for, Dan and I don’t have the time or money to be jet-setters!

I realised that it’s not just me who loves to love life, but doesn’t have the time, therefore Time Strapped Travellers was born. Here’s a little insight into the lifestyle and travels of a UK couple, trying to make the most of life!

While I  write all the articles, Dan is my cameraman, nailing the shots I use on the site (and on the @timestrappedtravellers Instagram account).


(Almost all photos posted on this blog were taken by Daniel Clark: @one_man_and_his_camera)