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Big news!

Well, not that big… We booked a holiday! As well as our trip to Edinburgh, which is less about seeing Edinburgh and more about Dan running a marathon, we have taken the plunge and splashed out on a trip outside of Europe. After trawling through multiple websites (primarily TUI), and researching Hurghada, Jibacoa and Cape Verde, we settled on a […]

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When plans change…

This year, our plans for a holiday every six weeks, has been somewhat stamped on by real life and adulthood. Between us, Dan and I are off to four weddings (each costing £100 a pop at least in gifts). Not only are we invited to the weddings, we are close friends of the bride and groom, which means only two […]

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How to save time when packing for your city break!

I love a weekend away, whether it be to a foreign country or somewhere a little closer to home, and I especially like a city break. Luckily, the UK isn’t short of cities. We have 69 to choose from, including the big four: London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. You could relax at a southern seaside city, like Brighton, Plymouth or Southampton. You could see what one of the newest cities, like Inverness, Newport or Chelmsford, has to offer. You could step into Victorian times in Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. Or, you could explore the history of the UK’s oldest cities: York, Canterbury, Bath, Winchester. Whatever your choice, you need to pack for the occasion, and here’s where we come in. Whether you are the kind of person that bungs two t-shirts and a pair of pants in a plastic bag, or someone who takes half their wardrobe for four days, you need some help. Pack light, but not too light Nothing is worse, especially if you are taking public transport, than carrying a bag that weighs more than a backpack full of textbooks. Not only does it slice your shoulder to pieces, or get in everyone’s way when you’re walking to your hotel, a massive bag means you will be packing an array of unnecessary items and you will take an eternity to do so. However, packing too light means that you are under-prepared. What if the weather turns suddenly? […]

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