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Scrapbook or Canvas Board?

I am a huge collector. Not of objects like badges or stamps (although my owl themed object hoard might suggest otherwise) but memories. I have kept tickets, flyers and leaflets from everything that has been significant to me in the past six or seven years. They currently live in an overflowing blue box that sits in the corner of my room and I’ve been adamant that I will organise them, but I simply haven’t found the time. Now here is my dilemma. Do I organise them into a scrap book, or display them on a canvas? Scrap Booking is an old favourite. People have been scrap booking for donkey’s years, and with that comes hundreds of people’s experiences. You could walk into any WH Smith and find a whole shelf dedicated simply to scrap books and accessories. I could buy just about anything I wanted from a high street shop to decorate my pages and I bet it wouldn’t cost me too much cash. Another real benefit of scrapbooking is the ability to put it away. They are precious objects, a treasure trove of memories, and they need to be kept safe. How easy is it to wrap a book up in parchment paper and tuck it in a box for safe keeping? Canvases don’t quite come with the ease of transport and safe keeping, but they can be displayed. Think pinboard, but fancier! Locationwise, what better place to hang […]

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