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Yesterday, The Guardian and some other news sites published an article about Ryanair. Apparently, Ryanair bosses are complaining that travellers are ‘taking the piss’ by exploiting baggage allowance rules. According to the article ‘fewer passengers than ever are checking bags into the aircraft hold. Instead, travellers are avoiding charges by bringing more and more luggage into the cabin.’ Following an overhaul on a number of airline’s charges, it seems to be more common for flyers to be faced with expensive add-ons to their bill. Not only are we paying for tickets to be on the plane, we have to pay to secure seats together and pay to take clothes with us, among other expenses. Tomorrow morning, Dan and I are flying to Croatia. Although we are flying with Thomson, on a package holiday, our experience is not too dissimilar. Thankfully, our luggage was free, but at the point that we checked in, we were given the last two seats on the plane, (which are not next to each other), and were expected to pay £9.50 each to secure seats next to each other on our return next week. When we flew to Rome with Monarch, we had to pay to have seats together. What if we weren’t a couple of fairly independent mid-twenty year olds, but a parent and their eleven year old, flying to see family in Ireland, separated at different ends of the plane? On our flight from […]

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